KITE – an InspiRatiOn

Blog #2, April 2, 2016

All people including kids are fascinated with the the kite. But have you ever thought of its real lesson for the world.

Yes!! The KITE gives us a good lesson.

kite 1
“Fly high beyond the sky”

    Everyone admires the kite. Controlling the kite, making it fly higher and higher gives a good feel to the person who is flying it. What is this feeling? Is it really good?

The answer is YES ! It makes the person feel as if he/she is flying with the kite.

But again, another question arises. why does flying give good feeling? so the common answer is “Being free in the world”. Also “Reaching the heights of our Life’s Goal. Not only achieving the Goal but reaching its highest summit possible.”

“Fly high in the sky, where the world can see you;

Yet tied to the base, to control, to stabilize and be you.”

     So, the above quote signifies the freedom as well as the achievement. It also assures that the world can see it, will know it, as achieving the goal makes it famous. For the kite, flying high is achievement, for human – achieving life’s goal and being so great that the whole world would see him.

     The line “Yet tied to the base” clearly gives the picture of being in limits. Because anything over the limit is not good. Not even happiness. So as the kite is tied to the base by string, human’s desires must also be in limits for good.

kite 2
“Fly high, don’t forget who you are”

     As the string controls the kite, helps it to balance when the wind changes or when the wind is rough, similarly when desires are in limits, life would be controlled. when we face a hard time, it will help us face it and overcome the hard times.

     Control over the desires make us to be stable in the same way as the person who flies the KITE will use the string to stabilize it in situations which would make it fall.

    As the final word would clearly depict, “be you” signifies the KITE as the first thing that would come to mind would be the picture of a kite flying in the bright open sky.
The same way, when human desires are controlled and yet with highest achievements, the person would be more human., more of HIM than being just a normal human.

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The capriciousK,


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