Thought #2

Confidence – High or Low

Blog #3, April 11, 2016


    Confidence really matters for everyone and for everything. Without confidence, there would always be a question, “Can I do it?”, “Is it possible?”, “How in God’s name, could anyone do this?”. Sometimes, instead of questions there would be answers that are literally false like – “I can’t do this !”, “I wouldn’t complete it !”, “I would fail!”, “I don’t know how to do this !”.

     In the present world of head to head competition, there is the least probability to get an opportunity, to get a success and lacking confidence in such situations is really a bad news! Even a successful man would tremble and slip to the depths of failure when he lacks confidence.

     Anyways, we could easily agree that having a good confidence could make your way through the hard times and lead to success. But now, lets talk about the other side of the coin – “High Confidence”.

      Yes, High confidence is also a big drawback in most of the cases. How ??? why ???

     Low confidence prevents us from doing what’s right to do, what’s needed to do. It marks Failure on our carrier in the society. But the same confidence, when too high would also end-up in a worst situation. How?

     How: High confidence makes a person accept whatever challenge or goal comes in their way. That’s a good sign, but only when we are more selective and keen in observing the goal up-front. Some times, goals are really very hard, near to impossible. Yet, trying is another aspect of living dreams., facing it, is different.

     This high confident person need to have a far-sight about the results of goals and if it is worth of doing, really feasible then only he/she must accept it. This is the only part where people get into trouble, who take the goal without even thinking off it, due to Over-Confidence”.

     What’s the solution then?? “ConFuSinG!!!!”

     The confusion can’t be cleared unless and until we begin to think-off far. One must learn to predict to an extent about the consequences of any event, being accepted by him/her.


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