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Thought #2

Confidence – High or Low

Blog #3, April 11, 2016


    Confidence really matters for everyone and for everything. Without confidence, there would always be a question, “Can I do it?”, “Is it possible?”, “How in God’s name, could anyone do this?”. Sometimes, instead of questions there would be answers that are literally false like – “I can’t do this !”, “I wouldn’t complete it !”, “I would fail!”, “I don’t know how to do this !”.

     In the present world of head to head competition, there is the least probability to get an opportunity, to get a success and lacking confidence in such situations is really a bad news! Even a successful man would tremble and slip to the depths of failure when he lacks confidence.

     Anyways, we could easily agree that having a good confidence could make your way through the hard times and lead to success. But now, lets talk about the other side of the coin – “High Confidence”.

      Yes, High confidence is also a big drawback in most of the cases. How ??? why ???

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This WORLD isn’t for YOU


A girl, a lady, a woman,
A mother, a friend, a companion;
You have been graceful as everyone.
You are always the special one.

You love to be cared, you love to care;
You tend to be humble and always spare.
A kind heart, a pure soul,
You are a pond of happiness, the sweet bowl.

You think good, you imagine great,
But still, people are not grate.
When the giant rises, flowers bloom,
But when you smile, smiles the gloom.

Whatever you do, whatever you think;
Even when at the sorrow’s brink;
You never will harm, you never did,
You smiled with the eyes where tears hid.

My dear! Let me tell you something;
It costs you nothing but makes you something.

When they are in the ‘slight’ suffocation,
You help them without an expectation.
You share your quilt without a thought,
You forgive their guilt, when they sought.

Oh dear! Why don’t you learn?
The world is full of mean concerns!!

I told their truths, you said you knew.
I showed their misdeeds, you said you knew.
You weren’t unaware of the pit they dug;
Yet you ignored with the warmth of your hug.

A girl, a lady or a woman;
Yet has stronger heart than no men.
You cannot hate, you cannot hurt;
A beautiful lotus in the pond of dirt!

Listen! My dear, my well-wisher!!
The mean concerns aren’t for YOU;
The hatreds of others aren’t for YOU;
Another pure and serene world may exist;

– Lovable IDIOT!
24th August, 2016

KITE – an InspiRatiOn

Blog #2, April 2, 2016

All people including kids are fascinated with the the kite. But have you ever thought of its real lesson for the world.

Yes!! The KITE gives us a good lesson.

kite 1
“Fly high beyond the sky”

    Everyone admires the kite. Controlling the kite, making it fly higher and higher gives a good feel to the person who is flying it. What is this feeling? Is it really good?

The answer is YES ! It makes the person feel as if he/she is flying with the kite.

But again, another question arises. why does flying give good feeling? so the common answer is “Being free in the world”. Also “Reaching the heights of our Life’s Goal. Not only achieving the Goal but reaching its highest summit possible.”

“Fly high in the sky, where the world can see you;

Yet tied to the base, to control, to stabilize and be you.”

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Life and Death

Blog #1 , April 1, 2016


Did you ever ask yourself a simple question, which is really very simple and silly but the answer is conversely complicated…! This blog’s discussion is this very question.

Q: What am I ? why am I in this world? What would I see if I no longer exist in the world? what would happen to my memories?

     These are few questions that always make my sleep go away. I enter my palace of thoughts with question and spend lots of precious time. But it’s of no use. What will be the answer ? Will I be able to see the world again with different form or I would be lost in somewhere? Or another case may be that due to death, my body is not in working condition, cant move a muscle, cant feel, cant see, cant breath but still may be I’m alive inside unable to feel anything. If so then we have burned the corpses, buried them in soil. why? Continue reading World & People