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Thought #5

Blog #6 22nd September, 2017 – 0046 Hrs

A Friend – Cheery, Chirpy and Blithe !


Humans have an attribute which is called affection. It’s one of the most unbiased feeling one could possess. A normal human could not hide his affection whatever he may do. This attribute leads him/her to do and achieve what he/she could have never imagined.

Being affectionate towards someone means you actually care for him/her. It doesn’t mean you should interfere and indulge in every aspect of his/her life. Affection is something delicate which one has to hold properly and carefully. It’s so fragile even something tiny harsh thing as the dew on the grass would hurt it and shatter it. But… If you succeed to carry it in a way how it should be.., genuinely and lovingly with a harness of passion it would become your best part of life and you will cherish it to your grave.

One such affection is being cultivated in my within, my core. I could never ever think why I got this seed of affection sown into my heart… yet I fondly cherish it as my grace and feel complete  when around that  FRIEND – cheery, chirpy and blithe !

The blissful presence of the “Friend” makes me feel content, calming the restless ocean of affection within.

A person who is as pure as the droplets of water on the tender twigs on a spring morning. A person whose face, the index of his/her mind reflects back your own self happiness too. The genuineness and innocence is felt as if  when a toddler gets caught doing mischief by his mother and yet he reaches her out to share his genuineness.

Can you have a clear picture of that friend., now?

If still you can’t…., let me help you.

Consider you have found that person. It’s Violet, the person who is innocent in her ways and behavior. She is so open-minded and simpler in her thoughts. When someone approaches her or interacts with her, she never fails to spread her joy, her Euphoria. She would wear her best attribute, smile… always. She wouldn’t pretend to be someone as she is so innocent to be anyone other than herself. Violet’s behavior can be identical to a toddler’s behavior with it’s mother.

The mother will love to be around and with his delicate gift, his child…… who is pure, innocent, just without bias, genuine in his actions and the euphoria at its pinnacle.

That’s my Violet.


Folks.., If you are unhappy or restless then never ever try to exhaust it through stress. Instead give yourself to the people around and try to be sugar in water and not oil in water. Make yourself open to all around keeping your attribute as of Violet’s. And I can assure that if you are that genuine to yourself then you too can get an opportunity to meet your Violet soon.



“I saw her fluttering around,
I saw her blooming around.
Thought of her as a droplet on velvet,
but I found my euphoria, my Violet!

She is genuine, she is calm,
She is cheery, chirpy and warm.

Graceful is her action,
Graceful is her motive.
Graceful is her smile,
Graceful is her incentive.

She is the actual love’s Scarlet!
now you could understand, who is my 

Scarlet of Love !

– Capricious
{Violet’s Friend}
22nd September, 2017 – 0724 Hrs


Thought #3

Blog #4 23rd June, 2017 – 0325 Hrs

Missing someone

missing someone

This word “Missing” is critically used in most of the sensitive and emotional cases, rarely used in the cheerful way. The best way to express it…., yes! It’s is a feeling, an abstract for feeling someone’s absence. So, one will show elevated emotional sensitivity through words and the actions and results in weeping or sobbing in some cases. The best expressed is in words only.

            One would tell another person that he/she misses him/her or he/she missed him/her. This is how it works. Anyways the beauty is in its meaning. The purpose of this expression or abstract is showing how much someone craves one’s presence and how much the absence of that someone hurts him. It also means that someone reminds of some other one and thus may feel happy or sad as he/she may be away from him/her. Thus its actually very complicated and over-rated.

            The literal meaning is entirely different and must be clearly explained obviously not the human but to the computer. Computers if not trained for this exception case in terms of the literal meaning may change the entire scenario. From the sensitive part with a feeling it shifts to very rude statement. The meaning is – forgetting, not reminding, lost or losing something or someone, etc. Hence literal meaning is important to be considered and exempted from its actual and expected way.

            People who usually use this word is mostly in the state of remembering the person with or without the knowledge of himself/herself. People feel that someone’s presence and absence matters most and the feeling for the opposite elevates and leads to expression of this expression and hence this words finds it use.

            Some comments and arguments on social media goes like –“Missing me! Don’t miss me, I’m always there”, “I’ll be there when you miss me”, “Miss me to send me your love to me”, etc. But if looked in a way with the literal reference it is well said as What I would say – “Missing me! Don’t ! Keep me safe in your thoughts.” The former statement quoted clearly depends on the meaning but keeps the essence of the original expression of the abstract – MISSING SOMEONE.

            “Forgetting and remembering someone, may be for good or bad, happy or being sad, always needs a support of word for expression and hence NEVER think the words cannot be used for sensitive expression of feelings.”